All Your Roofing Solutions

Our trusted team of roofing experts provide top quality residential roofing services.

Roof Replacements

If your roof is in such disrepair or if you want a fresh new look for your home, we can help you with a brand new roof. We will thoroughly discuss all of your roofing options and help you select the best roofing for you and your budget.

Roof Repairs

We ensure a quick response and expert attention. When you contact us about a leak in your home or commercial building, we're ready to come to your location to survey the damage and make immediate repairs.

Roofing Options:

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofs are wonderful in many ways, but they can be damaged by strong winds, rain, hail, or other wear and tear that occurs on most residential roofs over time. If you’re missing shingles, have bald patches, or streaks running down your shingle roof, call us for fast and effective roof repair. You may or may not have roof leaks yet, but your home could still be exposed to water damage, which can get serious fast. Don’t leave your home prone to moisture, mold and excessive damage. Let our roofing contractors handle your roof repair at the first sign of trouble, and we’ll save you immeasurable time and toil.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your roof is in need of repair, simply schedule an inspection with one of our roofers, and we’ll check it over thoroughly to ensure there is no damage occurring to your home.

Metal Roofs

Do you know how versatile metal roofing is? It can literally look like anything you want. A custom roof is not beyond your reach. With the wide selection of designs, patterns and styles available, you can be sure that we will find the right choice for you. As a roofing contractor, we are committed to putting the right roof on your building. If you are picturing large industrial looking panels, you are only half right. We can provide larger panels if you desire, but we can also give you metal that looks just like traditional tiles. There are added benefits. Metal roofing can be more fire resistant, and is lighter weight than traditional materials.

Because metal roofing is so versatile, it is also a great choice for residential roofs. While your neighbors may end up re-doing their roof every ten or fifteen years, a metal roof can last for five decades or more. Banish the thought that this is an industrial-only option! We can put metal tiles on your roof that look just like the conventional version. The difference is metal will last two or three times as long.

TPO Roofing

If properly installed and maintained, a commercial single-ply membrane roof can last 30 years. There are quite a few other benefits of single-ply membrane roofing systems:

Choosing the right roofer is just as important as using quality materials

Green Home is a full-service roofing contractor, specializing in everything from new roof installations, roof repairs and maintenance to total roof replacements. It doesn’t matter what type of roofing system we are working with, we always ensure quality workmanship, excellent customer service and a long-lasting, durable roof over your head.

No Money Upfront

We are a customer-focused company and strongly believe in strong relationships and good business. We are so confident in our ability to provide high-quality services we never charge anything up-front, unlike your typical contractor. Call us today to schedule your free estimate and learn more.